Wireless Data Capture Devices

Wireless Data Capture Devices

Orient Technology (s) Pte Ltd.

Lightweight, rugged, high performance Battery Packs

The wireless devices used today for data capture, tracking and storing are often used in demanding environments of the field. These devices are used in industries from medical to retail to logistics and many others. This varied nature of the device’s operating environments poses a unique challenge for the manufacturers and battery packs must be designed and made to be

  • Safe – the top priority in any of our design
  • Light weight, compact and ergonomic
  • Reliable under heavy use
  • High performance in harsh operating environments
  • Able to hold charge for lengthy operations
  • Able to have more power in less space
  • Compliance to UL/IEC requirements

Orient Technology specializes in the development of customized battery packs for use in the wireless data capture device industry. We feature our solutions in many of the leading brands in the industry today.

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