Mission Critical Battery Backup Unit

Mission Critical Battery Backup Unit

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Systems of today continues to face power threats making the battery backup units an essential feature in mission critical operations. The use of mission critical battery backup unit  can be found in a variety of setting including transportation, telecom, emergency command systems, data centers and building operations (e.g. elevators).

Orient has been providing customers with the most reliable backup battery packs, ensuring continuity in operations under any unplanned anomaly or outage in utility power. With meticulous in house design and engineering expertise, our battery packs are able to meet the demanding requirements of mission critical operations.

Our passion for unsurpassed quality and innovation has allow our customers to continue their operations with a peace of mind. Together with a close partnership with top-tier suppliers, we are able to provide battery packs with the best in performance, reliability, safety, time-to-market and cost.

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